Every year, thousands of graduates find themselves fighting each other even for the most absurd jobs offered by different business entities. They say that school will pave way for a better future but with so many schools producing their own set of graduates, it can be difficult to get hired pretty soon. Luckily, there are now online tools that can help you land a desirable job and one of these if LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is the preferred social media page for professionals. Individuals are not the only ones signed on LinkedIn. Business entities also come here because they could easily look at the profiles of members and if they like what they see, they can choose to hire you. So how can you get these businesses to notice your LinkedIn page?

  1. Have a Decent Photo – Just like with a resume, it would help if you post a decent profile photo on your LinkedIn account. Many graduates are afraid of posting their picture online for fear that they will be dismissed as too young for the desired job. However, if you look at it, your employees would need to see a face behind your name. With a profile photo on your LinkedIn page, you are announcing to them that they have come to the page of a real person and not that of a robot.
  2. Include Extracurricular Activities – Since you still do not have professional experience to showcase, you can include your extracurricular activities in your school. Examples of these are training sessions that you have participated in. You can also include your experience during an internship. Make sure that you include the institution where you has this completed. Alternatively, you can also include the clubs where you were one of the officers to let them know that you are capable of being a leader. Choose only the activities that they might find relevant to the position that you are vying for. Alternatively, you can also show your schoolwork such as digital files and make use of these to display your abilities.
  3. Get a Recommendation From Professors – Most people believe that you can only get recommendations from your previous employers. However, you can also ask your former professors for recommendations. If you get a recommendation from your professor, this could mean something regarding your academic performance inside the classroom. It could also mean that you have a desirable character to have been able to get such recommendation. Get a recommendation from someone who is already established in his own field to make the recommendation more believable.
  4. Be Grammatically Correct – The way you write speaks about what you can do for a company. You need to write grammatically correct entries because you will be required at some point in your career to write a letter. With the popularity of texting, people are now cutting corners and abbreviating words to save on text space. This style of writing will not do if you are trying to get a job. You have to display professionalism with your LinkedIn profile and one of the ways to do this is by making use of grammar that’s at par for industry use.
  5. Start Connecting – Social media pages are used to connect to people and LinkedIn is not that different in this respect. You can make use of your LinkedIn account as a bridge to industry leaders. You can also connect to other people who have the same interest as yours and get free advice as to how they were able to make it. Just because you are a newbie does not mean that you also need to be connected to newbies like you. You need to upgrade your skills and know the latest trends in the industry and the best way to learn these is by being connected to businesses and people who have already succeeded.