Carpenter Ants are kind of ants that cause damage to the wood by nesting in the wood structures. However, carpenter ants are totally different from termites, these ants do not eat wood, and they just make small holes in the wood and build their nests. These carpenter ants generally prefer decaying and damp wood that is easy to dig and they hardly cause any harm to strong wooden structures. Though these pests do not cause damage to the wood, but, still you should get rid of the carpenter ants as soon as possible, and kill carpenter ants immediately.

Carpenter ants are bigger in size than normal black ants and other kinds of ants including yellow colored ants, brown, reddish, etc. These ants invade homes during the spring season. But, you cannot really tell if there is a nest inside your home by seeing few ants inside the home. The first step is, check if they are coming from outside, but it is not just enough to come to a conclusion. According to the UMES (University of Minnesota Extension Service), If you see carpenter ants during early spring or late winter, that means the ants nested inside the house, and they are coming from inside. If you see ants later in the year, that means they are coming from outside.

But, mostly you will see carpenter ants during the winter season, which means they are nested inside the home, and it is time to learn how to kill carpenter ants.

Carpenter Ant Control: To control the carpenter ant nesting in your home, you should follow a few rules that include:

  • Prevent moisture buildup in the wooden structures with good surroundings and house structure and good maintenance.
  • Don’t delay if you find any damage, it helps you prevent ants invading the house and nesting in the wood.
  • Remove wood debris, stumps, and decayed trees, it helps you prevent possible nesting areas
  • Trim the branches that are close to the house and remove earth/wood contact with wooden structures.
  • Put Bora-Care to all the wood that is out in the open.
  • Find the nests with the help of trailing staff and looking for insect feces, and saw-dust such as timber shavings. If you find any nests, then immediately put diatomaceous-earth as well as boric acid to get rid of carpenter ant colonies.
  • Use pesticides like botanical pesticide as a last option.
  • When you purchase firewood, check carefully for insects and pests before bringing them inside and observe the wood carefully once it gets warm. It is suggestible to store the firewood at the safe place, not on the ground, but far from home for practical reasons.

Carpenter ants are very destructive and common pests if you do not take proper care the ant infestation can spread very quickly. That is why it is very important to kill carpenter ants at an early stage to prevent wood structural damage. If neglected, you have to pay the price; the damages can be a costly affair. Since, it is necessary to know how to kill carpenter ants and control the infestation. It is advisable to take professional help to eliminate the carpenter ant colony.