pdf-extractorIt requires more time in processing the mortgage loan packets manually. It is also a labor-intensive task in which your employee may commit mistake and thus it is also a risky task. Banks and other financial institutions frequently search for skilled candidates, who can read, understand, systematize and assess the mortgage requests of their clients. The mortgage applications comprise details of hundreds of pages. Even well-skilled employees of banks may face trouble in evaluating and processing these applications that’s why an automated solution is required.

By using Tabex’s Mortgage Processing PDF API, you can assemble loan packets, classify them and prioritize them quite easily by causing negligible errors. In fact, the error rate goes down, when you use this tool. This tool is essential because it extracts PDF data and validates the required information automatically from the mortgage loan packets. Thus, your employees can easily approve or reject the mortgage applications without taking too much time.

The time consumed for processing loan applications get reduced and the financial institution can acquire an increased number of loans effectively. The financial institutions were looking for such an effective tool for a long time. Multiple tools arrived in the market before, but none of them were as effective as Tabex’s Mortgage Processing PDF API. The experts have appreciated the support of this tool and now they use it on a daily basis.
How does Tabex Mortgage Processing Tool help you?

The most time consuming task for financial institutions is extracting data from paper documents and PDF files. Tabex Mortgage Processing tool assists you in this time consuming task. It is capable of distinguishing both borderless and bordered tabular details of scanned paper documents and PDF files. You upload files in PDF format and get back digitized details that your system can read easily. Tabex Mortgage Processing tool is mainly developed to convert PDF files into XML format files and the extracted information is uploaded to your system. In addition to XML files, Tabex PDF API can also produce HTML, HTML5 and CSV files, if you require the mortgage application documents converted into any of these formats.

The automated mortgage processing tools are in huge demand nowadays. Tabex mortgage processing PDF API offers cloud based solutions to improve the performance of automated mortgage processing tools. The requirement of developing particular tools for PDF conversion goes down, when you used Tabex PDF API. It can process bulk of documents at the same time and reduce the time required for fetching important details from the documents of a mortgage application.

Why should you use this tool?

Troubles related to mortgage loan processing are no more hidden. You need to speed up the work, if you want to gain client’s trust. People want their loans passed quickly and for that you will have to use an automated mortgage loan processing tool. Tabex PDF API improves the functionality of cloud based automated mortgage processing tools and that’s why it is essential for your institution. It is a feature-rich PDF conversion tool that is being widely used for PDF conversion.