We’ve all experienced times when it seemed best to buy the cheapest product available. For instance, when my son started a serious running program, we looked for name brand, high-quality shoes that we purchased online for a great deal. Unfortunately, what we quickly learned is the value of a great shoe fitting by a professional. My son’s feet quickly fatigued and resulted in soreness that could have led to serious injury if we didn’t get him fitted by one of the best in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. All is good now.
Thus, it occurs to me that GPS tracking for fleets can be quite similar. Yes, you could purchase a system online without any interaction with a sales representative. And, if you are exactly “normal”, that system might work great for you. However, if you have any fluctuation in how you utilize your fleet (do you have equipment or trailers that need tracking as well?), this might not be an ideal fit for you.

Recommendation: Find a great deal from a company that will answer the phone when you call for support or training. If you call for GPS tracking support at 9:00 PM and you get an answering machine, you might need to consider finding another provider.