Water sprinkler controllers are called as smart irrigation controllers as it contains a built-in timer that saves the water. The other best features are a sensor to control the run time of the sprinkler and it works according to the local weather conditions. These smart controllers offer beautiful and healthy landscape and save water. Buying a smart water sprinkler controller is a smart choice as it not just save water but also helps you save a lot of money.

The water sprinkler controllers are the device that controls the run time of your water sprinklers. The timer basically controls the sprinkler system. The timer sends an electric signal to the valves, and it controls the water flow to the sprinkler system. These electrical signals make the valves open or close, and it saves the water by sending the signals according to the weather conditions.

Water Sprinkler Controllers:
Most of water  sprinkler controllers can be changed to smart controllers just by adding an HSS (Hunter Solar Sync) to your water sprinkler system. When you join HC with SS (Hunter Controllers and Solar Sync) saves water and they are approved as a WSSIC (Water Sense Smart Irrigation Controller) by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

The Environmental Protection Agency has tested a lot of water sprinkler controller brands and certified them as WSS watering controllers. MyBlossom is one maker to get approval for a huge range of smart controllers that has the standards of EPA testing guidelines. The smart controllers use solar sync and programmed run time and adjust the irrigation-run-time for the day.

The properly designed water sprinkler controllers maintain and operate an automatic irrigation system with its inbuilt timer and it activates the value according to the amount of the water used for the landscape. It is essential to take professional help to install the water sprinkler controller as they do proper installation and helps you save the water in the landscape requirements

Smart Sprinkler Controllers are  the best option as it is easy and suitable sprinkler system for your landscape. The water sprinkler controller not only save water, but also saves a lot of money. It is compatible with any size of the landscape. The best features include:

  • It is the most popular and highly rated water sprinkler controller that is specially designed to meet your landscape requirements.
  • The water sprinkler takes control immediately and allows you to adjust the sprinkler controller through your laptop devices, iOS, and Android.
  • It sets the timer and uses the sprinklers as per the weather conditions, it schedules itself based on present, past, and future and forecast rain delay.
  • It is certified by EPA WSC as it saves 50 percent water use.
  • Easy installation and it allows you to replace the present controller in just 30mins. It works with any water sprinkler and does not require any professional or tool and it connects to WiFi in your home.